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Departures is a branding and visual communication studio.

So, why Departures?
Because we believe that’s what great branding and design should be.
A belief that you’ll love a journey that inspires.
Aspiring to escape the mundane.
Not just dream, but travel somewhere new, distinct, remarkable.
Energised by the possibilities of a fresh direction.
Want to take your brand somewhere different?
Let’s have a chat about how we get you there.

Services we offer:
—Brand Identity
—Brand Voice & Messaging
—Film, Photography & Art Direction
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Under 250k
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Welsh speaking

Branch Location - Cardiff

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Aled Phillips
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Founder & Creative Director
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54a Bute Street
CF10 5AF
United Kingdom

029 2022 8724
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Under £250k
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None of the above

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Creative Services
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Advertising and marketing