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DCBL stands as a beacon of excellence in the debt collection and high court enforcement arena, fusing uncompromising professionalism with a human touch. Our strategic approach to debt recovery, fortified by legal expertise and compassionate practice, positions us at the vanguard of the industry. We offer a spectrum of services from debt collection, commercial rent arrears recovery, to robust legal support, underpinning our operations with a deep commitment to ethical standards and client empowerment. Engaging with DCBL means partnering with a firm that not only strives for financial success but also champions responsible and respectful recovery processes.
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over 50m
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Branch Location - Cardiff

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Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited DCBL
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Sophia House
28 Cathedral Road
CF11 9LJ
United Kingdom

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Over £50m
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None of the above

Finance and Professional Services

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Finance and Professional Services
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Finance and accounting