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Dulas is a Welsh-based company specialising in renewable energy, with over 40 years’ experience manufacturing solar refrigerators for use in off-grid locations around the world. We pioneered this technology in the 1980s and are now one of the world’s leading suppliers of vaccine cold chain equipment. Our mission is to help ensure that vaccines are accessible to all children and adults, no matter how remote their locations.

Dulas is the only UK-based manufacturer of WHO PQS accredited vaccine refrigerators and we work alongside the UN and other INGOs to support immunisation projects worldwide with our range of Solar Direct Drive (SDD) and mains powered refrigerators.
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Branch Location - Powys

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Catherine McLennan
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Commercial Lead
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Dyfi Eco Park
Machynlleth, Wales, SY20 8AX
SY20 8AX
United Kingdom

07833 297 920
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