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Etic Lab is a research and design consultancy operating at the forefront of the digital technologies that are transforming our culture, our politics and our daily lives. We work alongside partners from business, academia and civil society to conduct research, build applications and execute projects which use radical new ideas to create meaningful results. From feasibility studies to Big Data and ML applications, conducting primary and secondary research across all industrial sectors. Our consultancy practice is informed by a deep practical knowledge of research methods and the latest information technologies wether designed in-house or acquired to meet the requirements of specific projects. Our customers range from technology start-ups to PLC's. From finance houses to telecoms providers, legal practices and pubic sector agencies. We have the capabilities required to identify complex problems and address them with soft and hard systems research and solutions building. We conduct organisational and survey research, identify and test the feasibility of technical solutions and design bespoke systems and applications especially using AI, ML and Large Data technologies.
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Company Number OC407592
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Branch Location - Powys

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Alexander Hogan
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Managing `Partner
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Etic Lab, Frolic House 23
Frolic Street
SY16 1AP
United Kingdom

01686 629901
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Information Communication Technology
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