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Fabrizio's Italian Kitchen: A Taste of Rome in the Heart of Welshpool

A Culinary Jewel in Trewern: Nestled in the quaint village of Trewern, near Welshpool, Fabrizio's Italian Kitchen stands as a beacon of Italian culinary artistry. Established in the spring of 2016 by Fabrizio, a native Roman, this restaurant is a dream realized - to bring the essence of Italian cuisine to the Welsh countryside.

Roots in Rome: Born in the vibrant heart of Rome in 1967, Fabrizio was raised in a family where food was more than sustenance - it was a celebration of life and heritage. The kitchen became his realm of creativity, influenced by the rich fragrances of simmering sauces and fresh herbs that filled his childhood home.

Signature Roman Cuisine: Fabrizio's menu is a tribute to his Roman heritage. Each dish is a masterpiece, encapsulating years of tradition and family secrets. The linguine all’Amatriciana and Carbonara are not just meals; they are memories of Rome, of lively trattorias, and cherished family gatherings. Our pizzas, crafted with meticulous care, embody Fabrizio's commitment to authenticity and excellence.

A Family-Run Haven: Fabrizio's is more than a restaurant; it's a family. This warmth extends to every guest, making each visit a festive occasion of shared culture, tradition, and the magic of communal dining.

Unwavering Dedication to Authenticity: We pride ourselves on sourcing premium ingredients, many imported directly from Italy, reflecting our unwavering commitment to authenticity. From Mediterranean olives to sun-ripened Italian tomatoes, each component is selected with utmost care and affection.

Experience the Essence of Italy: Join us at Fabrizio's Italian Kitchen for a culinary journey. Immerse yourself in an experience that transcends mere dining – it's a voyage through Rome's romantic streets, a narrative of Italian culinary lore, leaving you with indelible memories and flavours. Welcome to our Italian haven in Welshpool, where every dish tells a story.
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Fabrizios Italian Kitchen
1221 Cefn
SY21 8SZ
United Kingdom

01938 570218
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