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Fletcher Morgan are Commercial Property Experts serving Cardiff and Wales, established in 1975. We have an unrivalled CV and continue to offer a personal and innovative approach to Agency, Investment, Development, Consultancy and Professional. We work with tenants, developers and landlords and facilitate a number of land assembly projects liaising with Local Authorities and consultancy teams. Fletcher Morgan work alongside the investment agents on disposals and acquisitions of a variety of buildings and land and are retained by many clients to seek opportunities on their behalf.
* Leading independent practice operating in the region since 1975.
* Strong reputation in the commercial property sector.
* Extensive network of clients and contacts throughout the UK.
* High quality expertise, personal service with a performance driven attitude.
* Flexibility to adapt to changing markets and demands.
Fletcher Morgan are proud to have been involved in so many of the successful and innovative development successes that have transformed the Cardiff and South Wales property scene.
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John James
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Fletcher Morgan, 25
Park Place
CF10 3BA
United Kingdom

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