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Freight Logistics Solutions is the UK’s leading digital, freight provider,
redefining the way companies move, monitor and manage their freight operations.

Founded in 2016 by Ieuan Rosser, FLS was born out of a commitment to addressing the challenges faced by businesses in the UK, especially regarding Brexit and driver shortages.

At FLS, our goal is to offer a modern approach to freight logistics by providing a fully digitalised supply chain process for businesses, from small to large manufacturers and hauliers alike.

FLS offers quality-controlled carriers of all sizes from an exclusive marketplace to freight matched customer requirements across UK and Europe. We also go further to drive innovation excellence in what is otherwise a traditionally labour-intensive sector.

The FLS technology platform has been the cornerstone of our mission in moving freight with the power of data, unlocking the UK’s largest network of vehicles for our customers, with sustainable and unparalleled quality.

Our technology and transport experts have innovatively crafted a sustainable freight management solution. This solution seamlessly integrates people and technology, making the imperative task of reducing carbon responsibilities a practical reality, effective immediately.
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Paul Cleverley
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Marketing & Communications Director
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Freight Logistics Solutions
United Kingdom

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