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Business description
Provision of domiciliary care services, ranging from physical disabilities, to mental health and learning difficulties. We are specialised in the provisioning of Direct Payment service, implementing unregulated care, around regulated services. Furthermore, we extend the help and support beyond yourself, and cater for your household as a whole.
Company registration
Business Turnover
Under 250k
Number of Employees
Welsh speaking

Branch Location - Neath Port Talbot

Contact Name
Neil Evans
Contact Position
Managing Clinical Director
Branch Address

Purcell Avenue
Sandfields Business Centre
Port Talbot
SA12 7PQ
United Kingdom

How many people does your branch employ?
What was the turnover of this branch in the last financial year?
Under £250k
What types of operations does your business have in Wales?
Operation of a Facility
Do you export?
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None of the above

Care Services

Sector Type
Care Services
Subsector / Division
Adult domiciliary