Business Details

Business description
Frozen, Grocery, Chilled Food products
Business Turnover
over 50m
Number of Employees
over 500

Branch Location - Flintshire

Contact Name
Gayle Evans
Contact Position
Exports team leader
Branch Address

Iceland Foods Plc
Second Avenue, Deeside Industrial Park
United Kingdom

01244 830100
Business Email
How many people does your branch employ?
over 500
What was the turnover of this branch in the last financial year?
Over £50m
Do you export?
Which, if any, of the following terms would you use to describe your organisation? (Please tick all that apply)
None of the above

Food and Drink

Sector Type
Food and Drink
Subsector / Division
Alcoholic drinks and fermented/brewed products
Ambient products in cans or glass
Cereals and snacks
Cooked meat/fish products
Dairy, liquid egg
Dried foods and ingredients
Farmers' markets
Food festivals - crossover with tourism events
Fruit vegetables and nuts
Non alcoholic beverages
Oils and fats
Prepared fruit, vegetables and nuts
Raw cured and/or fermented meat or fish
Raw fish products and preparation
Raw poultry
Raw prepared products (meat and vegetarian)
Raw red meat
Ready meals, sandwiches and ready-to-eat desserts