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Landmark provide a consistent and comprehensive service in external furniture, from developing initial concept ideas (with photo visuals where required) through to fabrication and complete installation.

We do everything from designing our street furniture, then manufacturing, all the way through to installation. Our external furniture range is not only resilient and long-lasting, but also ergonomically designed and we have applied our expertise in this industry to create a large portfolio of brands so you can create individual and unique street furniture.

We work with architects, landscape designers, and contractors in Wales and the rest of the UK, providing street furniture and other related products that comply with planning, project or client requirements, local needs, and budgets – our team has a wealth of experience in undertaking projects of all sizes. Our range includes not only external furniture, but access control, bollards, cycle storage, fencing & railings, litter control, play equipment, seating, tensile structures, trolley storage, and much more.

The staff in our Wales office are dedicated and motivated to giving you the best deal on your product in order to satisfy everyone’s needs and wishes.
Access Control
Cycle Storage
Fencing & Railings
Litter Control
Play Equipment
Tensile Structures
Tree Protection
Trolley Storage

Our repertoire of work consists of conventional and cutting-edge external furniture and other products at an incredibly high standard. Our portfolio of street furniture incorporates an entire collection of materials including mild steel, stainless steel, recycled materials, cast stone, cast iron, softwood, hardwood, and granite.

Bespoke products can be created and manufactured to suit your needs, for that unique style to your project. Being based in the heart of the Severn Valley in Wales, we are able to work nationwide to suit every one of our customers’ requirements.
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Branch Location - Powys

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Robert Hawgood
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Managing Director
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Landmark Street Furniture Ltd, Station Yard
Trefeglwys Road
SY17 5HH
United Kingdom

01686 689 198
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