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Advertising Consultant
Want more sales, a fresh direction with your advertising or ideas to make your business run more effectivity?

At Lightbulb Media Group, we work with you to offer a fresh, creative approach to your advertising, giving you an impact to get your message through to the consumer.

Our group of creative professionals collaborates to create a campaign or commercial that conveys a brand or nonprofit's story in an innovative and impactful way, this is called creative advertising.

We can offer a range of services to clients, such as strategic planning, design, technology, and media, all executed with creativity and expertise.
Working with us is like having the ace up your sleeve. You’ll have access to a group of creative marketers who think BEYOND THE BOX and deliver results driven campaigns.
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Under 250k
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Branch Location - Carmarthenshire

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Sean Tighe
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Managing Director
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7 Park Crescent

SA15 3AE
United Kingdom

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Under £250k
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Creative Services