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Microsmith Electronics Ltd is a repair centre located in Newport, South Wales, Gwent. Our workshop is based in Langstone, Just outside of Magor not far away from the M4 giving us great links to Bristol, Cwmbran and even Cardiff, We also operate a mobile workshop, so if you cant come to our workshop, we can bring the workshop to you!

Choose Microsmith Electronics for your repair or service, and you’ll not only get a repair, carried out by engineers with years of experience, you’ll also get our rock solid warranty, and tech support at the end of the phone or email.
With the way we all depend on our phones, We understand that breaking them is always unwelcome and inconvenient, we also know how frustrating it can be trying to find a good, trusted quality repair centre that can take care of you and your device. Microsmith Electronics will do just that and get you up and running again quickly and we won’t compromise on quality!

Most screen or battery replacements can take as little 10 mins to complete at a competitive price.

We repair the following devices.
• iPhone Repairs
• iPad Repairs
• Samsung Mobile Phones and Tablets
• Huawei Mobile phones and Tablets
• Laptop Repairs
• Computer Repairs
• iMac Repairs
• MacBook and MacBook Pro Repairs
• PlayStation & Xbox

We repair the following faults.
• Mobile Phone and Tablet Screen Replacements
• Dead device, not charging, faulty battery.
• Faulty hard drives, SSD Replacements, Upgrades a
• Laptop Screen Replacements
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Under 250k
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Branch Location - Newport

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Michael Smith
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Russell Drive
NP20 6NE
United Kingdom

01633 357357
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Under £250k
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None of the above

Information Communication Technology

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Information Communication Technology
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IT services