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The Pheasant is a traditional pub located in a Grade II listed building on Welshpools High Street. Serving the locals and visitors since 1881, we offer an excellent selection of high-quality real ales, lagers, ciders, spirits and more.

A family-run public house, our landlady Rose and her son Jordan, have been in possession of the license since 2012. Still a traditional public house, but buzzing with modern life, The Pheasant is the perfect place to meet to catch up with old friends or make new friends over a drink.

Showing all live sport, and hosting regular live music and event nights, make sure you visit us at The Pheasant next time you are in Welshpool.
Business Turnover
Under 250k
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Branch Location - Powys

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Jordan Harding
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Pheasant Inn, 43
High Street
SY21 7JQ
United Kingdom

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Under £250k
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Food and Drink

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Food and Drink
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Alcoholic drinks and fermented/brewed products