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Plastecowood makes a global award winning carbon negative replacement for concrete, steel and wood from mixed plastic packaging waste.

The Smartawood product can be used as a lumber equivalent, or made into a variety of products for local authorities, individuals or national and international companies. The products include, fencing, palisade fencing, acoustic barriers, tables, benches, planters, board-walks , pallets, boxes and specialist shipping crates for high value heavy items.

Customers include Carlsberg Marstons, Ineos, Knorr Bremse, Denbighshire County Council and the RSPB to name but a few.
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Branch Location - Denbighshire

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Darren Northcott
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Plastecowood Ltd, Unit 2, Expressway Business Park
Abergele Road, Bodelwyddan
LL18 5SQ
United Kingdom

01745 827000
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