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Premier Resin Drives has been installing stunning resin bound drives in Cardiff, Bridgend, Newport, Swansea and throughout South Wales for over 12 years. Plus we design and install amazing pathways and patios that are highly rated by all our customers with over 100 Trustpilot reviews rated 4.9 average.

We are proud to be a family run company and one of the most experienced in resin bound systems in South Wales. Crucially, offer a bespoke managed service throughout Bridgend, Newport, Swansea and Cardiff for resin drives, patios or pathways in South Wales.

All of our materials are manufactured in the UK and made with natural, decorative stone known as ‘aggregate’. Importantly, our installation teams are highly experienced and fully trained to give you the best possible outdoor space imaginable, with a swift turnaround and amazing results.
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Branch Location - Bridgend

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Paul Thomas
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Jubilee Crescent
CF31 3AY
United Kingdom

01656 502416
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Under £250k
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Other construction installation