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Shine Drama Workshops

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Designing and delivering tailor-made workshops for schools to enhance and enrich the curriculum. The workshops use the medium of Drama to further develop pupils skills and deepen the knowledge of a theme or topic taught in class. Each workshop is designed specifically for the group of pupils the workshop leader will be working with.
Shine Drama Workshops will also help develop pupils skills in presentation, debating, team work and problem solving while supporting the growth of self confidence.
In addition, Shine Drama Workshops offer INSET to staff in schools on how to incorporate Drama techniques into everyday teaching and how Drama can be used by staff to enhance teaching.

Business turnover
Under £250k

Branch location - Swansea

Contact name: 
Jo Wright
Contact position: 
Tro Tircoed
Penllergaer Tircoed Forest Village
Contact email: 
jo [at] shinedramaworkshops.co.uk
Business email: 
jo [at] shinedramaworkshops.co.uk
What was the turnover of this branch in the last financial year?: 
Under £250k
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None of the above

Education and Training

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Education and Training
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Primary education
LEA provision