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Designed with simplicity in mind, TestLodge is an online test management tool that handles all stages of test management with ease. Use it to create test plans that can be tailored to fit your own needs then associate a test plan with your test suites where everything is easy to find, cross reference, copy and maintain. From there, you can manage multiple test runs with no upper limits as to the amount of users that you can add to your account. This means everyone can manage their own tests as well as come together to collaborate on the bigger picture. TestLodge is fully integrated with the majority of today’s leading issue tracking tools so a defect is automatically raised when a test fails, saving testers time and allowing them to increase their productivity. Made in and based in South Wales.
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Branch Location - Cardiff

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Scott Sherwood
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7 Ty Nant Court
CF15 8LW
United Kingdom

02922 947778
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