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Truck and Plant Asset Management was formed by a family with over 40 year’s worldwide knowledge in the motor industry. Owing to their vast knowledge and experience, the Auction has expanded rapidly in recent years. The CEO of Truck and Plant Asset Management insists on providing a first class service which ultimately has resulted in the company’s continued success. Due to its rapid expansion, Truck and Plant have expanded their office team to accommodate and to ensure an experienced member of staff is always available to assist customer queries.

Truck and Plant Asset Management do more than just connect the buyer to the seller, they arrange transportation and shipping. This ensures that transactions run as smoothly as possible and eliminates the inconvenience and time spent by the buyers and sellers trying to arrange this. As a flexible company, they also offer onsite Auctions whereby they auction directly from a customer’ s premises, for example in circumstances whereby customers may be retiring and wish to dispose of their entire fleet.

Their services are so well thought of that major PLC companies and Councils regularly come on board as a trial, resulting in them choosing to use Truck and Plant Asset Management Auction exclusively for every asset they have for disposal.
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Branch Location - Neath Port Talbot

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Mark Gardener
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Office Manager
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176-177 NEW ROAD
SA10 6HD
United Kingdom

01792 448080
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