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Crafted in Wales, Handmade Wedding Rings

More than just jewelry, our wedding rings are handcrafted works of art, each one unique and designed just for you. From delicate bands to bold statements, we offer a range of styles to perfectly complement your love story.

Sustainable Gold: Recycled Precious Metals

We believe in celebrating love with a commitment to the planet. All our gold and silver wedding rings are made from 100% recycled precious metals, ethically sourced and refined within the UK. This ensures the highest quality materials while minimizing environmental impact. Each finished piece is hallmarked by the British Hallmark to guarantee its purity.

Customization to Capture Your Love

Don't see a design that perfectly speaks to your love? We also specialize in creating custom wedding rings. Share your vision, and we'll bring your dream ring to life, tailored to your preferred design, width, and carat weight.
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Under 250k
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Branch Location - Rhondda Cynon Taf

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Stephen Cichocki
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Welsh Hills Works
Jenkin Street
CF39 9PP
United Kingdom

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Under £250k
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