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Premier Radio is Wrexham’s brand new radio station that was born during the first Lockdown of the Covid pandemic as a tool to help with communication, give information, cope with stress, mental health, loneliness and other issues while local people were in isolation. The station was set up by Mark Jones & Paul Griffiths post the first lockdown and due to the overwhelming and heartwarming feedback we received from not only listeners but politicians, Councillors and businesses we they the station running and realised the need to bring real LOCAL Radio back to Wrexham. The station has grown and continues to surpass our expectations and we have now formed a Community Interest company (CIC) a not for profit as a result and have a vision and mandate for the station and now have our own Studio Complex located at Eagles Meadow Shopping Centre.
To explain, The team behind the station (Mark & Paul) are not new to radio and media and have worked in a professional radio and media capacity for over 20 year + and have worked for the local radio station and seen the acquisition of it from various larger radio groups also seeing first hand how a majority of the shows now come from studios in London or Bristol etc taking a lot of the Localness out of Wrexham's stations almost making them national brands with advertising prices to match that are unaffordable to small local high street businesses and tradesmen. Premier Radio wishes to change this and not only aspires to become a local station for Wrexham but an integrated part of the community offering a platform for local people from our society even those with no qualifications, prospects to get involved in radio /media and learn new skills from Presenting shows, editing, Creative, news reading, News gathering, music management, Journalism etc etc and gain vital experience and training that might be able to help offer them future prospects in the industry as well as encouraging more media trained local people for Wrexham’s digital future. We want to be able to offer a more local cost effective advertising opportunity to businesses to a more locally targeted audience (Wrexham) than being on an almost networked station helping encourage and grow local business.
We are committed to helping other Social enterprises, business startups and Charities and organisations to reach a local audience and raise awareness and to promote their products, services or events. Any not for profit organisation or services, Charities or something for the benefit of our community WILL NEVER pay for advertising on the station and we would hope to build lasting relationships with these services so that we can continually help their cause and raise awareness of anything they do in the future. We as a station are committed and dedicated to helping the villages, and the town and the people within our community and this will ALWAYS be the case. We encourage and actively seek anyone from any of these organisations to contact us: so we can help. We are currently working closely with Yellow & Blue and lots of Youth Organisations in Wrexham.
We would also like to promote the area, venues, local talent, performers, artists and bands in our area and are proposing to be live from venues around Wrexham on a regular basis , past promoting has involved playing the first air-play of Declans Swans - It’s always sunny in Wrexham on the station and also fully supporting local singer Karl Joseph up to and including his ITV debut on ‘Starstruck’.
You can get us on line all major radio apps on smart TV via Radio line or MyTuner or via Alexa by saying “Alexa Enable Wrexham Premier Radio” or our very own Premier Radio App available from all App suppliers.
As we move forward we are approaching Ofcom for local licensing and will hopefully in the near future be running on other platforms such as DAB.
We are always looking for local people to get involved in the station.
Wrexham and Proud, We are Premier Radio.
Our slogan is : Helping put the Unity back into our Community.
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