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Businesses in Blaenau Gwent help shape children’s future

Blaenau Gwent CBC’s STEM Facilitation Project, a pilot funded by Welsh Government’s Tech Valleys commitment, is helping to build a network of relationships between local businesses and schools.  

The project establishes a co-ordinated programme of support, centred on “industry in schools”, within a cluster of Blaenau Gwent based schools, raising aspiration and preparing learners for their journey into the world of work, whilst remaining complementary to the school curriculum. The aim is to help raise awareness and aspirations of what is possible both in careers using STEM subjects and in the quality and opportunities of working in local businesses.

Employers can provide a real-world context for a wide range of learning experiences across the curriculum, showcasing the very many employment opportunities and sign-posting young people to the types of skills that are both in demand now and will be more-so in the future. To date, thirty-eight businesses have already committed to work with the schools.

Key to securing the workforce of tomorrow are the links between businesses and education, in order to connect children to the full range of vocational and academic career paths. 

To find out more about the STEM Facilitation network in Blaenau Gwent and to register your interest please contact: 

To find out more about similar projects across Wales visit: