Wearing a lanyard or badge bearing the ‘Iaith Gwaith’ logo is a great way of showing customers that you and/or your staff speak or are learning Welsh.

To order your free merchandise, all you need to do is:

  1. Log into or create an account on the 'Helo Blod' website by registering with SOC here
  2. Click on ‘New Request’ within your 'Helo Blod' and Me account
  3. Select ‘I have a question/query’ and then follow the instructions

And that’s it – just let 'Helo Blod' do the rest!

Helo Blod can also offer practical advice on how to market and promote your business and make the Welsh language more visible in your in your shop, café, workshop or on your website.

'Helo Blod' can provide:

  • free translations
  • text checking
  • advice and guidance

Pop over to the website and start making the most of 'Helo Blod’s' services today!


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