Helo Blod

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Helo Blod is a fast and friendly Welsh translation and advice service to help you use more Welsh in your business or charity. And it's yours to use for free.

Helo Blod can translate up to 500 words into Welsh per month for your business, completely free of charge. 

Just log into your Helo Blod and Me account below, give us the English text you want translating, we'll do all the hard work and you'll reap the benefits.

Helo Blod will return your translations within 4 working days, or 1 working day if its 5 words or fewer!

Because a little Cymraeg can go a long, long way.

You can have a crack at writing Welsh copy for your business and together we'll build your confidence. Give it a go, and don't worry about mistakes ‒ make as many as you like!

Helo Blod will tidy it up, and give you feedback and suggestions within 4 working days.Helo Blod can check 1,000 words per year for free, so you have the peace of mind that the materials you're producing in Welsh are correct.

Just so you know - when you send a bilingual document for text checking, the English version will only be used for reference and won't be checked itself. Where you haven't given Helo Blod an English version, Helo Blod can't be held responsible for any inconsistencies in tone or meaning. Pop in to your Helo Blod and Me account to get your text checked today.

Because a little Cymraeg can go a long, long way.

Helo Blod can offer you practical advice, guidance and support to help your business use a little (or a lot) of Welsh - up to 10 enquiries per calendar month. Just pop in to your Helo Blod and Me account below and you can order badges and lanyards that let customers know you have staff who can speak or are learning Welsh (just click after making a new request to order).

And if you need anything extra, we'll put you in touch with someone who can help. 

Have a question for us - the answer might be on our FAQs page.

Because a little Cymraeg can go a long, long way.

Helo Blod wants to help everyone, but there are a few limitations to what we can do. Helo Blod can’t:

Process any commercially sensitive information; help you if your activities relate to a political party; help with homework assignments; translate Welsh text into English; translate or text check for organisations that have to comply with Welsh language legislation (like the Welsh Language Standards under the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 or language schemes under the Welsh Language Act 1993); help you if your activities could damage the Welsh Government’s reputation; translate or text check material for translators or translation companies or anyone we think may resell it or misrepresent it as their own.