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Welcome to the Skills Gateway – your portal for skills development support

Research has proved time and again the difference between success and failure is the quality of your people. Raising their skills is an investment in the future of your business.

The Skills Gateway can make this a reality. Find out where you are today and how you can improve your skills to succeed.

Create your own Business Skills Profile
Skills profiler
The Skills Profile will help you identify what skills already exist within your business and what you can do to improve them. Try it now.  

We appreciate not all businesses are at the same stages of growth and development. And at each stage your business will have different skills needs. Consider where your business is now and explore the benefits you can achieve.

Start a new business jigsaw
Start off on a solid footing - ensure you have the right skills for the challenges ahead.
Grow a business jigsaw
Feel confident competing for contracts - strengthen your reputation for quality and reliability.
Run a Business jigsaw
Reach your business objectives - stay ahead of the competition and future-proof.
Consolidate a Business jigsaw
Retain your skills base, develop your products or services, gain recognition.