Young Person’s Guarantee


The Young Person’s Guarantee will aim to provide everyone under 25 across Wales with an offer of a place in education or training, or support to get into work or self-employment. The Young Person’s Guarantee will support young people to enter and navigate their way into and through the world of work.

Working Wales will become the gateway into the Guarantee, building on its already strong and successful model of delivering careers guidance and signposting support.  From 30 September, they will have a team in place to support the Guarantee roll-out.

We are asking businesses and public sector organisations to consider how they can play their part in supporting the Young Person’s Guarantee. We will be working with the business community to explore both employability opportunities and support for young entrepreneurs, and strengthening the collaboration between Welsh Government, education, the training sector, employers and public authorities through the expansion of our Regional Skills Partnerships. 

Working Wales have begun a job matching pilot, initially across North Wales and Cardiff. This pilot will provide support to employers to recruit and support to Working Wales customers, all ages, with securing employment. Working Wales support to employers will also include help to navigate Welsh Government funding. If you are looking for new employees, please contact