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Engage, Recruit and Retain Young People

At Business Wales we understand that in a post-Covid world there are many barriers in engaging, recruiting and retaining young people in the workplace, not only for you but for them too. On these pages we will help you identify what you need to address and change in your recruitment and on-boarding process, to enable you to engage with young people for your organisation.

We have partnered with some key organisations in Wales to provide you with advice, tips and examples, alongside receiving support to guide you through the changes.

Welsh Economy Minister
Welsh Economy Minister

After identifying challenges and barriers they have faced in recent times, business owners across Wales are changing their approach on how they engage with young people.

Take a look at the case studies below to see if there is anything you could adopt, in order to engage with young people and recruit them into your business.

Kontroltek case study
Genpower case study
Centregreat Engineering case study
Dylan's Restaurant case study
PCI Pharma case study

To help your business understand how they can support young people fill roles and become a productive member of your team, we have collated a series of tools and information to address the main areas where SMEs are facing challenges.

Click each section below to explore how this information can help your business to employ young people: