Recruitment Support

Do you need help to recruit the right people? Need to solve a skills shortage within your business? Looking to strengthen your workforce?
The answer is here.
With help from Skills Gateway for Business and our staffing and recruitment programmes you can:

  • find the right staff for your business
  • create a stronger workforce 
  • find the perfect recruits
  • create a more skilled workforce
  • find a ready-made supply of hardworking staff.
Employability Skills Programme Case Studies

Take a look at how our Employability Skills Programme helped these businesses to solve their recruitment challenges.


Employability Skills Programme

The Employability Skills Programme can be a highly efficient and effective way of recruiting, training and retaining staff with the right skills for your business.

Staffing and Recruitment Programmes

Our range of staffing and recruitment programmes can help you create a team capable of delivering results for your business.

Skills Profile

Our Skills Profile will help identify potential areas of skills development within your business as well as provide you with information on support for your recruitment needs.


You can benefit from Access by receiving a contribution towards wages and help with training costs.