Skills Development

In every corner of Wales the Welsh Government is helping businesses invest in the skills of their staff - businesses of every size and from every sector, from start-ups to those who are growing.

Start your business

Start off on a solid footing - ensure you have the right skills for the challenges ahead.

Grow your business

Feel confident competing for contracts - strengthen your reputation for quality and reliability.

Improve your business

Reach your business objectives - stay ahead of the competition and plan for the future.

Consolidate your business

Retain your skills base, develop your products or services, gain recognition.

Skills funding and support

Our skills support programmes can help you recruit the best and brightest talent, raise the performance of existing staff and improve leadership and management skills throughout your business.


BOSS is used by many businesses and individuals to help them develop their skills and knowledge to support business success.  BOSS is on line learning made simple, it lets you learn on the go and at your own pace -24/7.  A number of the courses cover subjects designed to enhance your human resource management skills and knowledge.Click here to access BOSS and the business skills development courses.

Qualifications and Learning

It’s important that employers have a strategy towards ensuring their workforce have opportunities to gain recognised and meaningful qualifications.

People don’t have a best before date

Wales’ workforce is getting older and there will increasingly be a lack of young people to fill vacancies.