The application window for the Prosper from Pasture Programme is now open, and will be open until 12pm, 9 December.

It is recognised that farm area is the first physical limiting factor on potential business output. The next limit it the business owner’s ability to manage that land. 
Permanent pasture grassland is dominant across Wales, it accounts for more than 75% of the total farmed area. Good quality grazed grass and forage can help farmers improve milk yields and liveweight gains. 

Prosper from Pasture is a short programme with 3 levels, Entry, Intermediate and Advanced, that will develop your knowledge, skills and confidence in grassland management. It’s possible to progress from one level to the next after successfully completing a level. 

Farmers of all knowledge levels are given the opportunity to make changes to their businesses which may lead to improved profitability and sustainability of their farming systems. Individuals are invited to determine what level best suits them and their business. Applicants are first of all invited to consider the Entry level programme which is aimed towards farmers who are considering what changes they could make to their business to increase profitability.

The Prosper from Pasture Entry level is a series of five one-day events, each targeted at a specific introductory aspect of grassland utilisation: Understanding your business, soil and sustainable systems, grass, herbs and forage crops, grazing management for a profitable business, animal health and genetics.

Patrick Loxdale, an Entry level member said:

“The Prosper from Pasture programme has been an absolute eye opener. It has been well organised and very well run. The quality of the presentations and their delivery has been spot on, and the subject matter relevant and really interesting”

Successful participants of the Entry level can progress to Intermediate level, called Master Grass.

Master Grass is a residential two-day programme for beef, sheep or dairy farmers who are keen to develop their understanding of grassland management and learn about the latest knowledge and techniques available. The level also offers a chance for likeminded farmers to meet and share ideas on developing their businesses.

Successful participants of the Intermediate level who apply the knowledge gained to their own business can progress to apply to be a member of a Prosper from Pasture advanced level group.

Seven regional Advanced level groups have been held throughout Wales, which were facilitated and chaired by Precision Grazing consultants. 
Meetings were held on the farms of members where the focus on key topics were seasonal and data driven, with each member required to provide their data on grass growth, average grass cover, grass demand and topic related data to the group in order to benchmark and to facilitate discussions on best practice.

Rhidian Glyn, Advanced Group Member said:

“Support provided through the Prosper from Pasture programme has given me the confidence to make critical business decisions on stocking rate and winter feed budgets that has had a positive impact on farm efficiency”

Each participant will need to confirm that their business has a valid (max 5 years old) Nutrient Management Plan. The window will be OPEN until 12pm 9 December.

DON’T MISS OUT! To express an interest, visit and fill in the application or expression of interest form, or call the Farming Connect Service Centre: 08456 000 813

This project has received funding through the Welsh Government Rural Communities - Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government.

The Wales Rural Network Support Unit (WRNSU) supports a forum to promote the exchange of expertise in rural development. WRNSU is open to anyone interested in rural development or involved with the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 and the schemes it funds.


Arloesi Gwynedd Wledig are launching a new community electric car scheme to give people better transport links in rural areas.

They have two cars, one located at Dyffryn Ogwen Community Library in Bethesda and the other at Y Ganolfan Gymunedol in Abergynolwyn. People can book and use them if they want to get somewhere when buses, trains or taxis are not available or would cost too much.

Community cars can make it easier for people in rural areas to get to job interviews, hospital appointments, or just to do the shopping.

The scheme will be officially launching on Saturday 9th of November at Neuadd Ogwen Bethesda and Sunday 10th of November at Y Ganolfan Gymunedol in Abergynolwyn.

Neil Lewis, Renew Wales Co-ordinator, Energy Local Manager at Carmarthenshire Energy and self-confessed electric vehicle nerd will be giving a talk at both events.

He explains:

“Shared ownership of electric vehicles can make a huge difference to Welsh communities. Lowering the cost of transport, improving the convenience whilst combating the climate emergency. Electric vehicles are also great to drive. Wait until you feel the torque. As people get an opportunity to experience the joy of EV motoring they will be encouraged to leave diesel/petrol in the past where they will soon belong.”

On Saturday 9th of November between 9am and 12pm at Llys Dafydd Community Garden in Bethesda people can drop by and take a tour of the car and find out more about the project. There will be free hot drinks and local apple juice. And then at 12pm in the upstairs bar at Neuadd Ogwen will be Neil Lewis' talk about EVs including his personal experience of EVs, community energy projects and some myth busting, before an opportunity for an informal chat with Neil outside in Llys Dafydd over a free lunch, hot and hearty veggie soup and rolls (from Caffi Coed y Brenin, served from the cwt).

On Sunday 10th of November between 12pm and 2pm at Y Ganolfan Gymunedol in Abergynolwyn there will be a chance to be taken for a spin! Drop by for a tour of the car and to be driven on a demo drive around Abergynolwyn to experience the car in action! At 3pm inside the Ganolfan will be Neil Lewis' talk again about EVs including his personal experience of EVs, community energy projects and some myth busting. 

The cars, named Carwyn and Carwen, will be managed by Partneriaeth Ogwen in Bethesda and Egni Abergynolwyn. 

For more information contact Rhys on 01766 514 057 or  

This project has received funding through the Welsh Government Rural Communities - Rural Development Programme 2014-2020, which is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government. It’s also part funded by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) and Gwynedd Council.

Flooding is devastating for homes, businesses and key infrastructure. River catchment management plays a role in the severity of these floods.

There is a considerable amount of public funded initiatives to develop businesses, but there has been some concerns that we may not be as effective as we could be and possibly duplicating effort or not reaching out to the extensive levels of support that are available.  With the launch of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Framework and the work towards developing regional frameworks – now is the time to explore what is available and to discuss some of the topics /myths that come up in discussion such as: 

  • Parochial in approach
  • Limited in networks knowledge
  • Lack of joining dots
  • Inerter in the less populated areas such as Mid Wales
  • Lack of cooperative networking to deal with quantity, product or processing capability, consistency and quality
  • What constitutes a welsh business




Interested in starting your own business or working for yourself? Whether you're in education, working or planning your next step, Big Ideas Wales can help you. Further information here:

This will be a chance to hear first-hand from businesses / start-ups on their journey in accessing support in Mid Wales.

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