The Sustainable Management Scheme will provide financial support for a range of activities that will improve the management of our natural resources and in doing so contribute to the well-being of our rural communities.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has started work to build a new mountain bike trail at its award-winning visitor centre in Mid-Wales.

The Wales Rural Network Support Unit (WRNSU) supports a forum to promote the exchange of expertise in rural development. WRNSU is open to anyone interested in rural development or involved with the Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 and the schemes it funds.


Expression of Interest - Round 6

Measure 16.2 (a) – Pilot projects


1.    This CSCDS Expression of Interest application window will be open from 5 August 2019.
The closing date for applications is 16 September 2019.
EOIs may be submitted at any time throughout the EOI window.

2.    There are no more windows for the Co-operation and Supply Chain Development Scheme.

Funds available

3.    Round 6 of Co-operation & Supply Chain Development Scheme has a budget of £8.216 million.


4.    Support for co operation activities must demonstrate at least two entities are involved in the proposed project.  Project proposals that are a priority for support are those that will operate on a Pan-Wales basis or at a significant sub-regional basis (three or more Unitary Authority Areas) and clearly demonstrate a wide range of entities working together through: 

•    A range of different operators within a supply chain and/or
•    Creation of clusters and networks

5.    Project proposals that have a narrow focus such as a local geographic area or a limited linear supply chain and project proposals that are investigative trials or studies of new technologies or techniques that do not have a significant co operation and collaboration element are not a priority for support.

Applicants may submit questions about their EOI application and the process by email to: CooperationScheme@gov.Wales 

Motivated ambassadors are helping drive forward a £1m project in the Black Mountains to protect, improve and enhance the countryside for people from all walks of life to enjoy.

All ideas are welcome on a rolling basis and project officers are at hand to assist you. The closing dates in 2019 for submission of expressions of interest are 9 September and 11 November. All submissions are welcome in Welsh or English.

A research study called Pweru’r Dyffryn delivered by Gweithgor Dyffryn Aeron cyf is looking into the feasibility of powering businesses and households in the Aeron Valley.

The study is looking into creating a community body to develop local renewable energy sources which would aim to create a source of income for powering the economy of mid Ceredigion. The study is also looking into creating a sustainable source of income to develop the local economy of the Aeron Valley.

The feasibility study is funded through Welsh Government Rural Communities - Rural Development Programme 2014-2020. This is funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Welsh Government.

The concept of Pweru’r Dyffryn (Powering the Valley) was developed by the Gweithgor Dyffryn Aeron cyf. Many members of the Gweithgor are young farmers in the area. They want to not only secure a way of life and affordable energy, but also invest in their future.

The farmers of Dyffryn Aeron first set up the community cooperative company Gweithgor Dyffryn Aeron cyf in response to the closure of dairy factories in the valley. The Gweithgor helped a local company to re-open the site of one factory as a centre of local employment.

Through this they found that energy costs were high in the area and could threaten the long term sustainability of businesses in the area.

Euros Lewis is a Director of Gweithgor Dyffryn Aeron cyf and is Pweru’r Dyffryn’s Project Manager. He said, “Responding creatively is the way forward and that's what these young farmers have done.”

From here the concept of Pweru'r Dyffryn was developed, which began with local consultations across the whole of the Aeron Valley. It asked local communities what form of renewable energy they did and didn't want to see developed in the area and how would they want revenue from any potential scheme to be spent. The purpose of the consultations were to develop a model that will meet the needs and potential of the local communities first and foremost.

The feasibility scheme received LEADER support through the Cynnal y Cardi Local Action Group, which is administered by Ceredigion County Council.

The next step for Gweithgor Dyffryn Aeron cyf is the publication of a comprehensive report of the local consultation and its findings for future potential developments. The consultation's early findings include that large scale wind turbines would not be welcome, while there is support for further research as to the potential of waterways and solar power for the generation of local, sustainable energy.

The development of the scheme will be long-term with challenges along the way but Euros Lewis believes to change the lives of the local people and to develop the local economy “that the basic principle is to act for ourselves and this is what we are doing.”

The Cynnal y Cardi Local Action Group are looking for further ideas relating to exploring renewable energy opportunities. If you would like to discuss your ideas or want further information regarding eligibility of support, call the Cynnal y Cardi team on 01545 572063 or e-mail

Councillor Rhodri Evans is Ceredigion County Council’s Cabinet member with responsibility for Economy and Regeneration. He said, “It’s very encouraging to see rural society in Ceredigion ambitiously looking to the future. Cynnal y Cardi supports them closely and I'm sure they wil see success in the future.”



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