Finding good people with the right skills is the key to success.

What it's about

We are all talented people.

ReAct+ offers a package of support to help someone unemployed, get back into work quickly. It’s good news for them – and great news for you.

How it works

When you employ a qualifying recruit, we’ll give you up to £3,000 in quarterly instalments of up to £750 for the first 12 months to help cover their wages. We will also pay up to £1,000 for any job-related skills training needed to bring them up to speed.

An additional £1,000 (£250 per quarter) is available if you recruit a disabled person or a young person aged 18-24. If you recruit a young disabled person an additional £2,000 (£500 per quarter) is available.

It makes employing someone who’s under notice of redundancy or has become unemployed a very attractive proposition.

Who is eligible

The person you wish to recruit must be aged 18 or over and either:

  • Be under formal Notice of Redundancy or

  • Be within 12 months of the date of redundancy or

  • Be within 12 months of becoming unemployed for reasons other than redundancy or

  • Aged 18-24 years old and not in education, employment or training

In all cases, they must also be resident in Wales at the date of unemployment and at the date you make your application for funding.

The job you’re offering must be for 16 hours a week or more, paid at National Minimum Wage or above and be expected to last at least 12 months. The job must not be supported by any other public or European funding. Also, your business must not have reached the de minimis threshold for State Aid which limits the amount of funding the Welsh Government can provide.

The recruit will be disqualified from the programme if they start working for you before your application for funding has been approved or if they have been in continuous employment for 6 weeks or more between the date of redundancy or becoming unemployed and the date of the grant application. Other conditions apply.

What’s in it for you

  • Improve your productivity and competitiveness through recruiting quality staff
  • Get funding for job-related training to sharpen the skills of new recruits
  • Reduce your staffing costs
  • Boost your working capital
  • Lower overheads and increase profit
  • Participate in the Young Person’s Guarantee by helping create opportunities for young people aged 16-24, who have become unemployed, to find employment

How to apply

If you have an eligible recruit in mind and would like to apply for ReAct+ support click  ReAct+ Application.  You must apply for support before employing your new recruit.

If you’re looking to recruit and struggling to find a candidate(s) then the Job Bulletin is a free service from Careers Wales/Working Wales that can help you promote your vacancy to a wide range of potential employees.

If you would like to find out more about the recruitment and training support available please contact us or register your interest by completing the Expression of Interest form.

ReAct+ is part-funded by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government.

Programme Checklist EU funds in Wales
Delivery Area All Wales
European Social Fund
Status  Live
Supported by the European Social Fund? Yes
Programme Lead

Welsh Government