Growing your business

Sustaining and growing your business depends on having the right people with the skills and motivation to deliver your goals

Businesses effectively assessing employee skills are better able to identify gaps and get the right skills needed to grow and expand.

Developing existing skills and complementing them with new skills will help ensure your business is better placed to take advantage of opportunities leading to growth.

Benefits of addressing skills:

  • you'll feel more confident competing for new contracts
  • you'll develop your products or services to get ahead of competitors
  • you'll future-proof your business by increasing your skills base
  • you'll strengthen your reputation for quality and reliability

Support available

The training support and funding landscape is extensive and can be difficult to understand.

To help we've summarised it for you


Skills Profile

Unsure which skills need developing? Complete our Skills Profile to get you started. 

Your profile will be analysed by one of our Business Advisers who will contact you to create a tailor-made support package.

Skills Profile

Plan for ongoing skills development

Training and up skilling your employees on an ongoing basis can improve your chances of success and contribute to business growth.

This helps to ensure that employees are always in a position where they can effectively fulfill their roles.

Look at the skills you need in the business both now and in the future. Match these against the skills your employees currently have and those you would like to develop. Use this to draw up an appropriate staff training and development plan. Try out Skills Profile to set you on your way.

Explore coaching and mentoring to help employees transfer skills from one to another and enable them to learn from each other, keeping your skills and expertise in the business.

Check out our guide to creating a positive place of work in your business.

Responsible Business

Business Mentoring

The Business Wales Mentoring Programme is for business owners who want help to market or grow their business, implement a change in their business, or just need inspiration to help deal with a particular challenge. More information can be found in our Mentoring programme.

Mentoring Programme

Accelerated Growth

The Business Wales Accelerated Growth Programme (AGP) offers individual support to high growth pre-revenue and SME businesses.