Fair Work

Have you considered how your business can gain from adopting and maintaining good practice in recruiting, managing and developing your people? 

Being a fair work employer can bring great business benefits including:

  • attracting, motivating and retaining staff; 
  • tapping into a more diverse pool of talent;
  • gaining increased staff commitment;
  • growing your reputation locally and further afield.    

Some areas to consider and review are how you:

  • Provide access to training for current job and for progression.
  • Provide re-skilling and training for change.
  • Provide access to externally recognised accredited skills courses.
  • Offer high quality apprenticeships.
  • Encourage and facilitate using the Welsh language.
  • Develop the skills of line managers to understand and implement employment rights.


  • Ensure opportunities are open to all to access work; to develop and progress; to acquire and use skills.

The information presented here can support you to understand your fair work obligations for all your current and prospective staff, and to identify what good practice is in employability and skills.

Well-being of Wales: 2020

Update on progress made in Wales towards the achievement of the 7 well-being goals.

Skills and Training Programmes

Skills and training programmes graphic

 Click on the link to find suitable programmes for your needs, alternatively select the appropriate Local Authority to find the support available in your area.

Skills Information Hub

Skills information hub graphic


Go to the Skills Information Hub find more information and to read our guides and tips to help you review the way you recruit, manage and develop.


ACAS Building Productivity - Fairness

Seven levers which provide a practical framework for workplaces to unlock their potential to be more productive including fairness.

TUC Making Wales a Fair Work Nation

Campaign to make Wales a Fair Work Nation by tackling low pay and stamping out illegal and unsafe employment practices.

CIPD Working Lives

CIPD Trends in job quality and working lives

Useful insights into 7 dimensions of job quality that encourage improvement in business practices and support the growth of quality jobs for all.

Business Wales Improve your business - be responsible

Information on how you can add value in key business areas including the way you look after staff in your workplace.