Are you a small business looking to improve and expand? If so, Business Wales Mentoring can help you take the next step. Register with us to be matched up with a mentor with the skills to help take your business to the next level.

If you are an experienced business person who understands the needs of small and medium sized business in Wales and would like to give something back through sharing your business knowledge and experience, then we invite you to consider volunteer

Business Wales Mentoring offers a co-ordinated voluntary business mentoring service in Wales.

Welcome to Business Wales Mentoring

The Business Wales Mentoring Programme is for business owners who want help to market or grow their business, implement a change in their business, or need inspiration to help deal with a particular challenge.

We provide a matching service for Welsh Businesses that would like the opportunity to connect with experienced business mentors who will share their knowledge, provide guidance, bring fresh perspectives and act as a sounding board for your business.

What are the advantages of Business Mentoring?

Our Business Mentors are experienced, successful business people who understand what it feels like to be in business.


A Business Wales mentor can offer you:

  • Experience
    Our mentors are successful business people from a wide range of industries.

  • Enthusiasm
    Our mentors are passionate about helping Welsh business owners.
  • Skills
    Our mentors have knowledge and understanding of business practices relevant to your needs.

Mentor with Business Wales 

If you already have plenty of business experience, you could consider offering your services as a mentor to other businesses. Mentoring can be a very rewarding way of passing on the benefits of your experience.

As a mentor, your role is to support, develop, stimulate and challenge your mentee, whether they're just starting up in business or are already established and seeking guidance.

Find out more about becoming a mentor

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