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Hello I am delighted to be a mentor with Business Wales.

A senior hospitality and tourism operator with multi-site, multi-brand and turnaround experience. I excel at supporting the creation of winning teams focused on quality and exceeding expectations: delivering return to investors and building brand value. Key strengths include: decisive leadership, analytical and strategic managerial skills, concise and honest communication complimented by an engaging style which inspires confidence.

Amanda Daniels

Amanda Daniels is the person behind the brand. Fond of cats of all sizes and personality, she founded Koogar in November 2006. Amanda offers personalised and customised marketing knowledge to companies that, like her, exhibit pride and passion in their business.


Having spent 10 years working in the IT World and knowing all that time I wanted my own business, it was both a very exciting and scary day when I was made redundant, mostly exciting, as I knew it was my opportunity to fulfil my dream of running my own business.


I have been a Director CEO for the last 25 years with my own companies. Buying, selling, failing and succeeding in business and I have just started a Business Consultancy Company to help new entrepreneurs succeed on their journey fulfilling their dreams and enjoy the challenges and themselves while building a future in business.

As an experienced business person who understands the needs of small, medium and large sized business in Wales I would like to give something back through sharing my business knowledge and experience.


I currently run Blueben Management Services (www.blueben,uk). I deliver training to managers.  My mission statement is:

"Providing managers with the skills and know how to reach their potential, whilst developing a reputation for adding strategic capabilities and value".

I provide:


Beverley Jones describes 2009 as her 'annus horribilis'; a year that saw her crash out of her 30 years corporate career diagnosed with depression and severe anxiety. Her ‘burnout period’ lasted a year, and in August 2010 she opened the doors to her coaching business, Awaken. Beverley’s experience has led her to now live her vision and her dream of becoming a published author and successful business owner.


I have:

Extensive HR experience in large national and international companies directly responsible, in some cases, for up to 40 members of staff.
Successfully tendered for Welsh Government contracts to deliver the Workforce Development Programme; Investors in People; SME Equality Project and various other programmes.

Picture of Cara Pepper

I have been running a successful web design and printing business for the past 4 years. I have over 10  years of experience in the web design and printing industry together with a BA Hons Degree in Business and Management, which brings both of my creative and business knowledge together to be able to offer effective marketing solutions.


In 1979 I started my career in engineering, with practical based training in an apprenticeship. I worked my way up the ranks and in 1988 qualified as an engineer.

My experience has alternated between two main arenas, Design Engineering and Project Management.


Carol qualified as a coach in 2008 and found her niche, coaching Small Businesses. She has a gentle and relaxed style of coaching, but can be tenacious in her questions, challenging clients to open up new perspectives. She focuses attention on the specific areas clients want to work on, motivating them to commit to actions that are congruent to their values and that of the business. Carol has the capability to listen and make sense of complex situations, bringing a clarity that is difficult for us to achieve while thinking alone.