How do I decide if mentoring is right for me and my business?

A mentor can be source of support and guidance at any stage of your business’s development, however only you can decide if it is the right option for you. Having a business mentor could assist you during a phase of growth when you have questions around new experiences or whether you are looking to consolidate your business. 

What will a business mentor offer?

Your mentor is there to:

  • Guide you to look at a wide variety of options and consider alternative courses of action in order to solve problems for yourself, rather than give answers or provide solutions.
  • Help you to gain new personal skills, experiences and knowledge.
  • Help you to develop new attitudes and behaviour, and therefore improve both your personal and your business performance.
  • Release and develop your own resourcefulness: mentoring does not mean giving advice – it is up to you to decide whether to use the information you receive from your mentor.

Who will my mentor be?

Your mentor will be an experienced business person. You will be matched to your individual business mentor based on skills and requirements by a mentoring agent in your area.

When will I meet my mentor?

After the mentoring agent has matched you with a mentor the agent will let you know and arrange for both parties to get in contact. Times and locations will be organised to suit both you and your mentor.

How often will I have contact with my mentor?

It is up to you and your individual mentor, frequencies and formats will be agreed between you so that you have access to your mentor when suitable.

How long will my mentoring relationship last?

Your mentoring relationship will usually last for about 12 months - this is the time we think it takes to work with your mentor to be able to achieve your goals - it might be shorter or longer. The term of your relationship with a mentor depends on the goals and objectives that you agree on.

Is there a cost for a mentor?  

No, all Business Wales Mentors volunteer their time to support Welsh Businesses.


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