Become a mentor

"I have been mentoring young businesses for many years now. I still get the same buzz out of seeing people turn great ideas into thriving enterprises. Spending time regularly looking at the issues facing other small businesses undoubtedly has a direct benefit to me and my own practice"

Kempton Rees - Darwin Gray LLP

If you are an experienced business person who understands the needs of small and medium sized business in Wales and would like to give something back through sharing your business knowledge and experience, then we invite you to consider volunteer mentoring through Business Wales mentoring.

Our mentors need to have:

  • Experience from either small or large business environments - this may include senior management experience in a corporate environment or successfully operate their own business.
  • Empathy for small business operators and entrepreneurs with a genuine desire to assist.
  • Experience of the issues faced by businesses in Wales.
  • An ability to communicate with, and win the confidence of others.
  • Willing to undertake induction and ongoing training.

You will need to have a good, broad understanding of business. Many businesses look for mentors who have expertise in particular areas or functions, such as:

  • finance and accounting
  • sales and marketing
  • strategy and business planning
  • IT communications
  • exporting/importing
  • employment
  • legal/compliance issues