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Success stories

Nel Creative

Nel Creative

A new brand and design studio launches in South Wales, helping aspiring female entrepreneurs develop impactful and effective branding. 

Based in South Wales, Nel Creative is a brand and design studio, founded by Lauren Deakin. With over 10 years creative experience including college and university placements as well as working in the industry for high-profile brands, Lauren turned to the Welsh Government’s Business Wales service for help and support to launch her own business.

  • Start-up advice on cash flow, marketing and legal status.
  • Successfully started and created 1 job.

Introduction to business

Nel Creative is a creative and branding agency, specialising in creative branding and illustrations, exclusively for female entrepreneurs.

Why did you decide to set up your own business?

I decided to set up my own business because I realised I wanted a life that worked for me and on my terms. So, I thought there’s not time like the present and decided to start a business in the middle of a pandemic… I love a challenge!

I thought how awesome it would be to use the skills I have learnt from my creative degree as well as working in the industry on amazing projects for some high-street store giants and on corporate design projects, to work specifically with women in business to level up their brands.

Having a background as a creative designer has allowed me to lend my hand to skills such as illustration and typography, which I have incorporated into my business, adding a unique twist to a client’s visual branding.

So, Nel Creative, a creative design and branding agency exclusively for women in business, was born!

Since launching, I have already had the opportunity to work with an array of female business owners: from hairdressers to beauticians (including a celebrity make-up artist), female coaches (featured in The Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Forbes, Marie Claire and Vogue) to café and restaurant owners, fashion and interior designers. The one thing my clients have in common is that they are not scared to be themselves, be creative and understand the importance of effective branding as a foundation to help them create successful businesses.

What challenges did you face?

I would say the initial challenge I faced was that I am awesome at what I do (most business owners are good at their particular niche) but I didn’t have a clue about running a business. I had to learn that from scratch but, thankfully, I do love a challenge and I also love learning new things. All that, as well as determination to succeed, has helped my business to grow over the past 8 months and be where it is now.

Business Wales support

Lauren attended a Business Wales start-up webinar where she was introduced to our start-up adviser Alun Wade. Lauren and Alun subsequently worked together on her business plan and cash flow forecasts, in aid of a funding application.

Alun supported Lauren with a variety of self-employment aspects, including compliance, registration, tax and insurance, legal status, sales and marketing, enabling Lauren to launch Nel >Creative successfully and grow it by attracting a high-end clientele in just 8 months.


  • Start-up advice on cash flow, marketing and legal status.
  • Successfully started and created 1 job.

Working with Alun has dramatically helped with the progress of my business, especially right at the beginning, as I didn’t know where to start. Alun has been helpful and insightful with answers to any queries and questions I have had at every turn in my business. His support has always been there when I have needed it and for that, I am really grateful. He has kept me on a firm path that has allowed me to hit my goals and going forward, I feel confident that if any queries arise, he will be able to help me. I am excited to continue my business journey with Alun and I know that I will be prepared for what comes next.

Future plans and ambitions

I believe that we are all unique and have our very own superpowers, so you need to show that, how else are you going to stand out from your competitors? I hope to help even more women in business find their superpowers in what makes them different and stand out. Nel Creative is growing more every day and I am excited to see what 2021 will bring. I want to add to my team and expand the services that I offer, so watch this space!

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