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Success stories

Susan Hatherley Hypnotherapy

The help I have received from Business Wales has been invaluable. I wouldn't have been able to start my hypnotherapy business without them. 

Hypnotherapy had such a positive impact on Susan Hatherley’s life after experiencing her own personal trauma, that it motivated her to start her own business, helping others break free from their fears and anxieties.

Eager to get the business started, Susan contacted us at Business Wales for support and advice on setting up the hypnotherapy business. She initially attended our ‘Starting and Running Your Own Business' webinar, and then received additional one-to-one support with her business advisor. Primarily focusing on managing the business’ finances and marketing such as the pricing, tax, market research and branding.

Susan’s business advisor supported her with applying for the Barriers to Start-Up Grant, which led to her successfully obtaining the grant. She has also signed up to the Equality Pledge and the Green Growth Pledge which will ensure that Susan's service contributes to the wellbeing of the local community and is accessible.

Susan Hatherley Hypnotherapy’s business venture has just begun, and is now helping others feel relief, calm and optimism for their future.

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