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Reducing waste makes financial sense

By using the Earth’s limited resources so that they are not damaged or depleted for future generations, we can reduce our impact on the environment. Identifying and implementing resource efficiency measures across energy, waste and water, will mean that we can create more, but input less. 

Resource efficiency is now more important than ever in order for the UK to drive towards a low carbon, low waste sustainable economy. We can all act responsibly to use resources we have more wisely. Using fewer raw materials can reduce risk of material scarcity, save money, drive innovation and resilience, and help your business reach new markets. 

Reducing the amount of waste you produce through more efficient use of resources and through improved recycling can cut costs, improve your compliance with relevant environmental legislation and even provide revenue. Businesses that separate their wastes may find that they can reduce their costs of waste collection and disposal.

Organisations across Wales have the potential to make significant savings by using resources such as water, energy and raw materials more efficiently. Much of these savings can be achieved through low or no cost actions.

Improving your resource efficiency will: 

  • reduce your overheads and increase your profitability
  • help you to comply with health, safety and environmental legislation 
  • enhance your image with customers, employees and the local community, and 
  • improve your workplace and local environment.

The true cost of waste

The true cost of waste includes the value of materials when purchased, which could be 5 to 20 times its disposal costs. Also included in a true cost of waste are hidden costs such as labour, time and energy as well as the costs for disposing of the item at its end of use. Consider the reasons behind ‘why’ things are being discarded to help prevent waste. Reducing waste can help you reduce the cost and amount of raw materials purchased. 

You should aim to prevent, reduce or re-use waste as a priority ahead of recycling in line with the waste hierarchy.

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