Food plays a key role in telling the story of Wales and will always work side by side as a tool for promoting a Sense of Place. Food has become an essential part of tourism.

Along with Wales’ breathtaking countryside, rugged mountains and 870 miles of coastline, Wales is also well known for its’ high quality local ingredients, distinctive food and drink, and interesting places to eat.

Funding for the Food Sector in Wales:

  • Rural Business Investment Scheme (Food) - supports small food and drink processors and manufacturers
  • Food Business Investment Scheme - offers support for capital investments in food processing equipment

Funding for the Tourism Sector in Wales:

  • Micro Small Business Fund (MSBF) - for micro to small size businesses with fewer than 50 FTE employees. It can be used either to upgrade existing or create new high quality product
  • Regional Tourism Engagement Fund (RTEF) - worked with partners at the destination level to deliver the 10% growth target set out in the strategic objectives of Welsh Government’s tourism strategy
  • Tourism Product Innovation Fund (TPIF) - worked with tourism sector partners across Wales to deliver the 10% growth target set out in the tourism strategy by encouraging closer joint working between trade partnerships
  • Tourism Amenity Investment Support (TAIS) - an investment fund available for public, third sector and not for profit organisations. Targeting amenity projects