When we hear the word ‘Rural’, most peoples’ minds automatically think about Farming and Forestry. Rural Communities and the people who live and work in these communities, and very often not in the agricultural sector, are the beating heart of Wales but are most likely to suffer the effects of social exclusion.

Community Led Local Development aims to increase employment & skills and social enterprise. Local people are involved in developing projects in their areas that affect them, using resources in the area to address the local challenges that affect local people.

  • Rural Community Development Fund – offers support for Local Action Groups and other community organisations for investment funding across a wide range of interventions designed to prevent poverty and mitigate the impact of poverty in rural communities, improving conditions which can lead to future jobs and growth
  • LEADER - funds specific and focused initiatives under the Local Development Strategy of each of the eighteen geographical Local Action Groups across Wales. There are five LEADER themes for Wales:
    • Adding value to local identity and natural and cultural resources
    • Facilitating pre-commercial development, business partnerships and short supply chains
    • Exploring new ways of providing non-statutory local services
    • Renewable energy at community level
    • Exploitation of digital technology