Rural Wales - Dylife Views

Are you interested in the future of the Welsh rural economy and wider way of life?

If so, we invite you to learn more about Arsyllfa_Rural Observatory, the rural think tank dedicated to fostering innovation and new opportunities for rural Wales.

Arsyllfa explores and promotes updates from key stakeholders, exploring groundbreaking ideas and wider research that bolster new thinking. Ultimately they aim to develop fresh perspectives that can inform the way people live and work in rural Wales.

Although early days on their journey, Arsyllfa is currently sharing news items and think pieces from across rural Wales and beyond, with an end mission clearly set at looking to stimulate new thinking on:

  • Food and drink: how Wales produces and sells its products, emphasising sustainable supply chains along with international ties.
  • Our rivers: addressing the pressures and challenges facing Welsh rivers, from climate change to biodiversity.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: exploring ways to foster an entrepreneurial, collective nation.
  • Rural poverty: understanding the complexities and interconnected factors contributing to this pressing issue.
  • Culture and language: asking how we can nurture a culturally literate nation, informing our future in a vibrant way.

So for thought-provoking weekly updates, sign-up to the Arsyllfa e-bulletin and follow them on Twitter @arsyllfa.