Small Grants – Environment (Water)

Small Grants - Environment (water) is a programme of capital works available to farming businesses across Wales to carry out projects to help improve water quality and reduce the risk of flooding.

Capital Works items will be identified as ‘Main’ and ‘Supportive’ Work(s), which, together, form a ‘Project’.

The Project will be:

  • The Main Capital Work, which will address the theme objectives
  • The Supportive Capital Work(s), which will allow the Main Capital Work to be undertaken, e.g. New Hedge Planting (option 900), is the Main Capital Work, while Post and Wire Fencing (option 594), to protect the new hedge from damage, would be a Mandatory Supportive Capital Work, and Hardwood Timber Field Gates (option 599) would be an Optional Supportive Capital Work.

The Water Theme offers Capital Works that have been chosen for their broad and general environmental benefits and their ability to deliver the Welsh Government’s ambitions to improve water quality and reduce flood risk.

Click the following link to find out more about the scheme and how to apply: