At Drone Evolution, we make people safer and organisations better. Using drone technology, we provide world-class aerial data to enhance and improve organisations' ability to deliver for their clients and customers.

We are particularly focused on tethered drones. These drones can stay in the air for many hours (the drone is powered via the tether by a small ground station unit) rather than the 20-30 minutes flight times afforded by their free-flying cousins. This widens their commercial capability. It also makes them more secure as there is little risk of flyaway.

We are developing our own range of tethered drones for use in security, construction, utilities and facilities management. Drones in development will increase flight time to days, weeks, potentially even months at a time. They will be able to triangulate signals to each other in a hive. They will be able to be activated remotely via a control centre or autonomously in certain conditions. 

As well as the product development, we provide drone services such as aerial inspections, quantity surveying, thermal imaging and short-term security via a tethered drone.

We also set organisations up to become self-sufficient with an in-house drone team. We advise and consult on the drones required, source and lease the drones, provide training for the team and advise on the correct insurances and apply for the required approval from the Civil Aviation Authority.

Any way to reduce working at height is important for the construction industry. With a background in FM, our team is uniquely placed to understand the challenges of modern construction and deliver unique solutions to the benefit of the industry, its employees and its clients and customers.

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Our tethered drone product range is a game-change for construction services. A drone that can stay in the air for extended periods (rather than just for the 20 minutes or so afforded by free flying drones) can deliver much more data and therefore unlock more benefits.

Key to the development of the product range itself is the development of the power supply, the ground station, the motors and adding other features such as weatherproofing (to enable the drone to fly in a much wider range of conditions) and wifi (to enable clients to have their own private wifi network in areas with poor reception). Future development is to develop a range of autonomous tethered drones that can be deployed from a central control area given certain conditions and so could be used for emergency response and routine maintenance. A number of drones could talk to each other, and so triangulation is also possible.

There are such a range of possibilities and use cases that the key for us to start with is going to be focusing on a few on which to build the foundation of the business - and this sector is key to our thinking.