Green Edge Applications Limited is an online, environmental consultancy owned by Director, Jane Hall, who has over 20 years experience within the waste, industrial and environmental regulatory sectors.  GEA develops environmental software. Together with our partner specialist environmental software developers, we can support any organisation who seeks to improve their environmental performance.  In addition to bespoke software tools, we have recently launched our first web-based application, WasteApp and over the year we plan to launch on-line environmental training.


WasteApp was developed to support waste producers by creating easy to use searches to identify authorised waste sites who can recycle, recover or dispose of their wastes. It was primarily created to address hazardous or difficult wastes such as chemical industry wastes, however it is also useful for helping to find waste sites for more general waste streams such as waste from construction and demolition sites, food waste and office waste.



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The Studio, Station Road, Chepstow, Monmouthshire, United Kingdom, NP16 5PF