SMART Expertise

SMART Expertise – deadline for applications

Due to the success of the SMART Expertise operation and recent high interest, we need to inform you that any new applications from the East Wales region must be submitted as detailed below:


East Wales

Applications from Research Organisations located in East Wales will close at 23.59 hours on Friday 13th August 2021. Applications will be reviewed by the SMART Expertise panel w/c 1st November with outcomes expected w/c 8th November, projects are expected to start 1st December.


You are advised to discuss any potential applications with your local Research Development Manager (RDM) see below for contact details. Given the remaining time and budget available, applications that are realistic and modest in terms of the amount of funding requested will be received more favourably.

Please note, all supported projects must complete by 31 December 2022.

To contact your local Research Development Manager:

For applications from Mid and North Wales – please contact Sam Williams, email:

For applications from the South East – please contact Richard Morgan, email:

For applications from the South West – please contact Terry Stubbs, email:


West Wales & Valleys

This region is currently closed. If you are based in the West Wales & Valleys region, please do contact your RDM who will be happy to assist whilst we seek additional funds to support further quality collaborative projects.


Finally, we also wish to inform you that there have been some recent changes to the source/s of match funding contributions. All applications still need to demonstrate at least 50% of the overall project costs are from match funding contributions. As well as match funding from companies, we can also allow the following as match funding: 

·        Research Organisations can provide match where staff are not being funded by SMART Expertise, or they are exceeding their percentage time funded by SMART Expertise. Only R&D activities can be used as match.

·        Other public money in the form of non EU Welsh Government funding and also, funding from other government organisations

No other changes to SMART Expertise have been made. Therefore, apart from the notified change on the source/s of match funding above, all previously published criteria, guidance notes and processes stand



Introduction to SMART Expertise

SMART Expertise offers financial support to innovative collaboration projects that require a range of expertise to solve industry problems.

The aim of the call is to support collaborative projects, between industry and Welsh research organisations, which address strategic industrial technical challenge/s with a clear focus on commercialisation and exploitation of new products, processes or services and growth in capacity and capability in key areas of Smart Specialisation.

There are no restrictions on size or location of industrial partners, however, the project must demonstrate it is an effective collaboration and will deliver positive Welsh economic impacts.

Funding will support 100% of the research organisations eligible project costs which shall equate to a maximum of 50% of the total eligible project costs. The industrial partners shall provide the remaining balance of the total eligible projects costs. The funding will be awarded to the research organisation.

Duration of projects: Project activity must be completed by 31 December 2022

Contract research and provision of research services are not eligible.

For further information please contact your Research Development Manager