Deloitte has demonstrated the clear advantages of locating their research and compliance unit in Cardiff.

Deloitte, the professional services firm, have expanded rapidly in Cardiff, and now employ nearly 800 people in our capital city, with more to come.


The Quality and Risk Operations unit was the starting point for centralised operations in Cardiff and it remains a growth area. The operation began with a handful of specialists focussed on helping the firm’s tax professionals to comply with anti-money laundering legislation, leaving them free to concentrate on fee-earning client work. The team quickly built a reputation for their expertise and professionalism, their remit across risk and regulatory compliance grew continuously and this department alone now numbers close to 200 experts providing support across the whole business.

Evidence of success in Cardiff saw the city chosen as the location for the firm’s strategic nearshore ‘Delivery Centre’ where numerous internal support and external client services would be established. This has seen the development of a range of capabilities based in Cardiff, providing complex work across numerous competencies, and supporting all parts of the Deloitte business in the UK and some overseas. The list of specialisms includes international tax administration, audit engagement support, multi-lingual research, data analytics, robotic process automation, risk advisory work, and combatting financial crime. More recently, a managed services function has also been introduced, providing a multi-skilled team that can receive a variety of work, enabling the transfer of workload out of London.

Ross Flanigan, Managing Director Shared Services for Deloitte and Head of the Cardiff Delivery Centre said: “The major success factor is the people that we have been able to hire in and around Cardiff. We would not have achieved what we have without the diverse and capable workforce here, and I have been overwhelmed by high quality applicants every time I have recruited. A lot of our people are graduates and more recently we have introduced an award-winning apprenticeship scheme, providing opportunities for younger people and an alternative to university. There is also a huge pool of talented, experienced people in the relevant disciplines locally, as well as many others who are willing to learn to work with us.”

“We have been able to recruit and train our highly effective operation, thanks in large part to the abundance of graduates from local universities and the support received from the Welsh Government. They have provided funding for training, supported our apprentices, advised on international business and provided me with great network contacts which have been really valuable to us as we have grown.”

“Cardiff is evolving in many ways, with a vibrant business community, an excellent reputation in key sectors and a location that gives the ability to achieve that elusive work-life balance, it is very attractive for prospective staff. On a personal level there is nothing in my business or personal life that is missing from this area.”

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