Supported by the Welsh Government, three KTP projects have been shortlisted for the ‘Best of the Best’ awards. University College London partnered with Biocatalysts Ltd have been shortlisted for the Engineering Excellence Award. Demonstrating outstanding application of engineering skills, they have jointly implemented novel ‘Ultra Scale-Down’ methods to increase enzyme manufacturing productivity by up to 50% in some instances.

Verity Moorhouse is shortlisted for the Future Leader Award. Working with Cardiff Metropolitan University and So Modular she has helped improve production and installation processes to assist the transition to sustainable modular construction, helping So Modular meet the nearly zero operational standards.

The final nominee, Cardiff University and St David’s Children Society, have been shortlisted for the Societal Impact Award, creating substantial social benefits when transforming adoption services through development of innovative models that help support those children who wait longest for adoption. As a result, adoption services that make up the National Adoption Service are strengthened in the requirements needed to help prevent escalation into family crisis, with the partnership already leading to the permanent adoption of 22 children to date.

Want to get involved? Welsh Government is extending its support into 2022, contributing 75% of KTP project costs for eligible SMEs, making it easier to access innovation support and improve business performance. Proposals must be jointly developed and submitted by 12 noon on Tuesday 2nd February 2022.

For more information about applying and support available click here

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