Flexible Innovation Support

The Welsh Government is building a stronger, fairer, greener country, with an economy based on fair work, sustainability and the sectors of the future.

It supports demand-driven Research, Development and Innovation and effective collaborations that deliver real benefits for people and the environment.

We help businesses, the third sector, public sector bodies and research organisations, to innovate and create new products and services, increasing commercialisation, improving skills and ensuring Wales remains competitive and strives towards carbon-free in the future.  

SMART FIS helps you improve people’s lives by driving cutting-edge research and innovation. Its single aim is to help Welsh organisations achieve “Innovation Excellence” by developing Innovation Plans alongside a team of specialists who provide expertise, consultants and funding.

It is a new approach to funding RD&I.  SMART FIS is not restricted to businesses and research organisations.  It is open to any organisation wishing to engage in research, development and innovation (RD&I), including the third sector, local authorities and health boards. 

For a new organisation this might mean accessing technology to get a new idea off the ground; for a developing one, it could be help with a project which you know has potential; and for an established organisation it might be about specialist know-how to give you an international edge by opening up new markets.

What is SMART Flexible Innovation Support?

SMART FIS is delivered by a team of specialist engineers, scientists, industrialists and intellectual property experts, helping Welsh organisations achieve “Innovation Excellence”.

This increasingly means a focus on decarbonisation and the circular economy as part of Welsh Government’s commitment to a better world.

The scheme is about three things:

  1. Expertise – we work in Wales but have access to a UK-wide network of specialists.
  2. Money – funding can be key, so we can help you access finance.
  3. Support – specialist advice from an approved framework of advisors.

How to apply

  1. Get in touch via our contact form.
  2. Where we can help, an Innovation Specialist will arrange to meet you.
  3. They’ll work with you to develop an Innovation Plan.
  4. You review, amend and agree the Plan.
  5. An approved Innovation Plan unlocks SMART FIS support.

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