Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI)

The Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) is all about connecting public sector challenges with innovative ideas from industry, enabling organisations to utilise emerging technology and new solutions to tackle societal problems whilst supporting businesses to develop and grow.

SBRI enables the public sector to engage with industry during the early stages of development in order to design bespoke solutions, whilst enabling businesses to research new opportunities through fully funded research and development contracts. New ideas can be explored through a phased development programme that will minimise risk for both parties and help identify the most promising projects.

Key features for Government:

  • Challenge driven competitions based on the issues you face
  • Contract enables you to maintain control and contribute to the R&D
  • First to benefit from resulting innovation
  • Operates under EU Pre-commercial Procurement Framework
  • Potential for major improvements to service

Key features for innovators:

  • Simple fast-track application process
  • 100% funded development contracts
  • Particularly suited to SMEs
  • IP rests with Company
  • Free to develop and sell innovation in other markets

We also work closely with the SBRI Centre of Excellence, who are hosted by Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board and funded by the Welsh Government. The SBRI Centre of Excellence works across all sectors to create innovative health solutions for unmet needs within Wales.

Please see links below for previous successful SBRI projects:

Please view our @WG_innovation Twitter feed for future Welsh Government SBRI challenge announcements.